Sprucing Up This Old House

I recently purchased an old home for the purpose of fixing it up and selling it for a profit. The home was in a pretty decent shape. It just needed some touching up in a few places and some adjustments to make it look more modern. One of the adjustments that I added was a set of window shutters. They really make an average window look a little more special. I found the shutters at an online store and purchased ones that had the right size for my windows. They were installed in only a short amount of time.

A home isn’t complete without a new coat of paint. The home came with off white walls, which are serviceable as a color, but it can look pretty bland on a wall. Adding a little more color to the home makes each room stand out more, so it doesn’t look like you’re walking through one monotone prison. I asked for some color recommendations from the paint store and they told me that some muted colors would look nice in the home because they would bring brightness without being too loud and overbearing. I elected for a primer and paint mix to save time.

I did all of the painting on my own, and I was glad when it was finally done, because it was a time consuming task. My back was hurting by the time I was done because of how much I was bending over. I should probably start doing some exercises. After the final touches were put on the home, I let potential buyers see it in open house events. A couple who was looking for a place to start their family bought the home from me for a great price. I think I can start a career out of this.